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It’s Still a Lie

UNITED STATES – SEPTEMBER 11: Police officer Mike Brennan helps a distraught woman known only as Beverly, as ash and debris cover the area following the collapse of 1 World Trade Center (north tower) – the aftermath of a terrorist attack. 2 World Trade Center came came crashing down 39 minutes later. A hijacked American…… Continue reading It’s Still a Lie

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And I saw…

  “By and large, people are just no damn good.” It might just be my favorite quote by…well, by no one you know, unless you know my father-in-law, Bud.  The first time I heard him say it, I was about 21 years old.  We were eating dinner at my kitchen table talking about whatever was…… Continue reading And I saw…

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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks can be deceiving. Take Houston PD’s chief of police, Art Acevedo and HPOU president Joe Gamaldi. First, there’s Art. He’s straight-up got the “cop-look”. Swarthy and good-looking. Manly. Reeking with machismo. Squared away and buttoned-up. Gig-line straight. Brass polished. Commanding attention and respect. Articulate. Intelligent. Giving his press conferences in two languages so everyone…… Continue reading Looks Can Be Deceiving

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Innocence Lost

Today is National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day.  All day long I’ve pondered what to write and one thing kept popping into my mind.  For many years, my guy was the president of the local POA.  He worked tirelessly during those years to convince the city manager to raise patrol officer pay.  After a lengthy battle,…… Continue reading Innocence Lost

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I’m All About That Face….

Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.  I mean…I can jump off a building; but, I shouldn’t.  I can smoke a cigarette while a tank of oxygen is free-flowing in my nose; but, I shouldn’t.  I can drive 110 mph in my car; but I shouldn’t.   I can eat a whole carton of ice…… Continue reading I’m All About That Face….

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It’s About Time…

HR 5698 passed the House of Representatives yesterday by a not-even-close vote of 382-35.  This “Protect and Serve Act” provides Federal penalties for people who deliberately target local, state, and Federal law enforcement officers with violence. 

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Without him…

“We are deeply saddened by the loss of Zackari.  When I sat with his wife and held her hand I could see in her eyes that her life was over.”  – Douglas County Sheriff Tony Spurlock Sheriff Spurlock was speaking about Gracie Parrish, the wife of  Deputy Zackari Parrish who was killed on duty in…… Continue reading Without him…

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Not today. Not here. Not today.

I was out of town last week.  He went to church alone.  As he pulled up to church a sudden sinking feeling crept upon him.  Unsettling.  Unnerving.  So much so that he sat outside the church in the car for well over 10 minutes breathing a silent prayer.  “Please God.  Not today.  Not here.  Not…… Continue reading Not today. Not here. Not today.

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Blue-Tinted Glasses

We all see things through the glasses we wear, which have been tinted by the world experiences we have had. I wonder if the outcry would be the same if you replaced the word TEACHER with the words POLICE OFFICER? What if the word PARENT was replaced with the word CITIZEN? Does everyone in turn…… Continue reading Blue-Tinted Glasses