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Exhibit B

Remember Exhibit A?  It’s the post where I admitted how inept I am in emergency situations.  I said I suck in emergencies.  Like…I REALLY suck at them.  In case you weren’t convinced after reading Exhibit A, I present you with Exhibit B. Along with the truth of my emergency ineptness, I must admit I am…… Continue reading Exhibit B

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Time Travel

I am a time traveler.  Not the Dr. Who-Marty McFly-Phil Connors-Terminator-Bill & Ted-Dr. Spock kind.  I don’t have a time-skipping phone booth or a DeLorean or a TARDIS.  I’ve never piloted the Starship Enterprise.  I’ve never been beamed-up.   Even so, I have earned a significant number of reward miles through my time travels. Time travel…… Continue reading Time Travel