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I Can Only Imagine

I can only imagine.  Every now and then I dream of it happening. Maybe tonight is the night. I hope this is the moment in time when it will finally happen.  I’m giddy with excitement because it will be my first time.  I can conjure up every minute detail of it. The pure, unadulterated pleasure…… Continue reading I Can Only Imagine

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Which Came First? The Boy or the Badge?

Philosophers have long pondered which came first…the chicken or the egg?  As a self-appointed philosopher, I frequently ponder which came first….the boy or the badge? (Disclaimer:  I do know and admire the female officers out there, but I don’t live with them, so I’m not qualified to explore their personalities!) Are the guys who become…… Continue reading Which Came First? The Boy or the Badge?

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Known Unknown Knowns

Yesterday I read a post on the National Police Wives Association Facebook page from a young woman whose fiancé will soon be going to the police academy.  She was curious to see what kind of careers police wives have and was looking for advice on what she should do about her own education.  She is…… Continue reading Known Unknown Knowns