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Exhibit A

Write the truth.  I said I would write the truth when I started this blog.  I have done that but sometimes I think what I say makes me sound a wee bit better than I really am.  So, tonight, I’ll tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, so help me God.…… Continue reading Exhibit A

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Fill ‘er Up

Truth is stranger than fiction.  Especially in police work.  I mean seriously…most people wouldn’t believe some of the total weirdness that happens.  You just can’t make it up.  Grab some milk and cookies and settle in for tonight’s tale.  I’ve titled it:  Fill ‘er Up. My guy was a motorcycle officer for several years.  The…… Continue reading Fill ‘er Up

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I took the picture.  I didn’t see it in the moment.  But, there it is casting its image in the shadow.  The shadow on a tombstone of one who made the ultimate sacrifice. There in the shadow, the vaguely visible red stripes symbolize the valor of this officer who upheld it and what it stood…… Continue reading Reflections

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Which Came First? The Boy or the Badge?

Philosophers have long pondered which came first…the chicken or the egg?  As a self-appointed philosopher, I frequently ponder which came first….the boy or the badge? (Disclaimer:  I do know and admire the female officers out there, but I don’t live with them, so I’m not qualified to explore their personalities!) Are the guys who become…… Continue reading Which Came First? The Boy or the Badge?