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Fill ‘er Up

Truth is stranger than fiction.  Especially in police work.  I mean seriously…most people wouldn’t believe some of the total weirdness that happens.  You just can’t make it up.  Grab some milk and cookies and settle in for tonight’s tale.  I’ve titled it:  Fill ‘er Up. My guy was a motorcycle officer for several years.  The…… Continue reading Fill ‘er Up

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Courageous. Steadfast. Protectors

  Much of what I write about police and their families applies to our military personnel as well.  They are two brotherhoods—different and yet the same.  Both willing to go when others flee.  Both willing to serve and protect.  Both willing to lay down their lives for people they don’t even know. Today on Armed…… Continue reading Courageous. Steadfast. Protectors

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Their Mission

“No one asked these selfless men and women to enlist in this righteous cause, or to enroll as foot soldiers in the eternal struggle against crime and violence.  They joined the cause because their hearts were big and full of amazing courage.  They joined because they cared so deeply for the innocent and helpless and…… Continue reading Their Mission

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This week has been set aside for memorializing police officers who have died in the line of duty.  I have thought a lot about these officers.  I have thought about the three I personally knew.  I thought about how every single day officers put their lives on the line.  I thought about what they could…… Continue reading Practice

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I took the picture.  I didn’t see it in the moment.  But, there it is casting its image in the shadow.  The shadow on a tombstone of one who made the ultimate sacrifice. There in the shadow, the vaguely visible red stripes symbolize the valor of this officer who upheld it and what it stood…… Continue reading Reflections

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21,183 who answered the call to protect and serve.   21,183 who put the safety of others above their own safety.  21,183 who didn’t live long enough.  21,183 families who will never be the same.  21,283 who served selflessly.  21,183 who paid the ultimate price. 21,183 names engraved on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial.…… Continue reading 21,183

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Time Travel

I am a time traveler.  Not the Dr. Who-Marty McFly-Phil Connors-Terminator-Bill & Ted-Dr. Spock kind.  I don’t have a time-skipping phone booth or a DeLorean or a TARDIS.  I’ve never piloted the Starship Enterprise.  I’ve never been beamed-up.   Even so, I have earned a significant number of reward miles through my time travels. Time travel…… Continue reading Time Travel