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Looks Can Be Deceiving

Looks can be deceiving.

Take Houston PD’s chief of police, Art Acevedo and HPOU president Joe Gamaldi. First, there’s Art. He’s straight-up got the “cop-look”. Swarthy and good-looking. Manly. Reeking with machismo. Squared away and buttoned-up. Gig-line straight. Brass polished. Commanding attention and respect. Articulate. Intelligent. Giving his press conferences in two languages so everyone is clear.

And then there’s Joe. He’s straight-up all metro-sexual looking. Sporting some super suave spectacles. Looking all Brooks-Brothers. Pressed and starched. Articulate. Intelligent. Giving his press conference in one-language. The language cops have been waiting to hear. He said it loud and clear. We’re putting dirtbags on notice. We’re sick and tired of it. Enough is enough. We’re tired of the rhetoric and we’ve got your number. Quit painting a target on our back and let us do our job.

Cue Chief Acevedo. He’s more concerned with maintaining political correctness than with what happened to his five officers this week. In order to do that, he’s got to settle down old Joe and get his thumb back on him. Do some damage control. Tell him to “tone it down a bit.” What? Are you kidding me? Finally someone has balls enough to stare down the media and the dirtbags both and say what has needed to be said since Ferguson. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. And the guy with the cojones ain’t Art. It’s regular ol’ Joe in his Warby Parkers.

Looks can be deceiving.

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