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Write the Truth

I married young compared to today’s standards.  I had just turned 20 and he was 21.  We were high school sweethearts and I knew what his life’s calling was.  It was to be a cop.   His young life and his heart’s desire became clear when at 17, a female classmate of ours was murdered after school.  By a former police officer.  That did it for him. The call was clear.  He would be a police officer and an excellent one at that.  He needed to right a wrong that wasn’t his. 

Thirty-eight years later, we are still married.  I have a successful police marriage.  I beat the notorious odds (which I fully intend to dispel at some point on this journey!)  I have walked the path you are walking and I know the way is steep.  Bad days are offset by good days.  Easy days seem fewer than hard days.  The crazy, funny, happy days usually involve some sort of incredibly weird happening no “outsider” could possibly understand let alone find humor in.  The sad days are…well, almost unbearable.  

So, why am I writing a blog about all manner of things blue?  My guy is retired and life is easier now, right?  I hear your thoughts and know what you are thinking!!  “She doesn’t have a clue about police life in this new police-hating world WE live in!”  Ah…that’s where you’re wrong, my friends.   You see, I have a 28 year old son who puts on a police uniform every day and goes out to right the wrongs that aren’t his.  I’m living the blue life all over again and it does feel different.  I know a younger set of sheepdogs and I have more interest in police life now than ever before.  

Something inside me has been saying: Write.  Write what you know.  Write what you’ve experienced.  Write how it feels.  Write about police life.  Write about the funny things. Write about the sad things.  Write for wives.  Write for moms.  Write for cops.  Write the truth about all manner of things blue.

And so I will…..

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