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Water Seeks Its Own Level

Warning:  I make no promises this post will not contain a bit of profanity.  You can overlook it and cut me some slack or you may wish to not read any further. Either way works for me because sometimes, a situation just calls for a bad word or two here and there. I often recommend…… Continue reading Water Seeks Its Own Level

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Take the High Road…There’s Less Traffic There

Crime in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s and even into the beginning of the new millennium was not significantly different from it is now.  There were burglars, bank-robbers, rapists, drug-dealers, serial killers, hookers, child-abusers, assassins, petty-thieves, juvenile-delinquents, scam-artists, stalkers, and vandals.  The way police dealt with the criminals was not significantly different, either.  Cops spotted…… Continue reading Take the High Road…There’s Less Traffic There